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Muddy Buddies log cabin is designed to offer a calm, comfortable environment for your dog to be groomed in. I have a large enclosed garden for comfort breaks and use an electric grooming table and bath which benefits the larger breeds.

A full groom includes, bathing with high quality shampoo and conditioning treatments (depending on the coat type, colour and skin condition) an all over-body massage and a warm blow dry. This is followed by a de shedding treatment for those double coated and shedding breeds. nail clipping, ear cleaning, eye cleaning and professional cut in breed standard or style of the owners choice. Your dog is then finished with fragranced cologne.

A wash & fluff includes a bath in high quality shampoo and conditioning treatments (depending on the coat type, colour and skin condition), an all over body massage and a warm blow dry, eye and ear cleaning. Followed by brushing (using specialist brushes to thoroughly remove any debris or dead coat) and also if needed, a trim around the eyes and pads of feet. Any other trimming or cutting requests by the owner would then be charged for the standard full groom price. Finished by a lovely fragranced cologne.

Treats are used throughout the grooming process to reward and positively encourage the grooming experience for the dogs; this is included in the price.

Top Quality Styling

Muddy Buddies is a quality dog grooming salon, with fully qualified staff and a high standard of styling!

Local & Reliable

Muddy Buddies is a local business with a good reputation for providing a top quality service, at the best prices! Check out our Facebook page to see some of our reviews!

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